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Product number: S3038
GTIN/EAN: 8809370397213


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Description "GRAUPNER BRUSHLESS ESC + T 120 HV G6"
"Brushless Control+" programmable from the Hott transmitter.....

speed controller for brushless motors with internal HoTT telemetry functions:

  • Opto Coupler
  • Easy programming of the transmitter paths
  • Graupner HoTT-Telemetry for easy programming of the controller
  • Graupner HoTT telemetry data and warnings for voltage, current, temperature, speed and capacity
  • Programming and telemetry options:
  • Battery type NiCd/NiMH/LiIo/LiPo/LiFe
  • Down control voltage
  • control type soft/hard
  • direction of rotation
  • Motor Timing
  • startup time
  • start torque
  • Brake on/off
  • Reverse mode for boot/auto on/off
  • RPM control mode for helicopter on/off
  • adjustment velocity in speed control mode
  • number of poles of the motor
  • gear reduction

telemetry warnings:
  • Undervoltage limit
  • maximum current
  • minimum speed
  • max. Temperature
  • max. Capacity

telemetry display:
  • current voltage
  • current and maximum current
  • current and maximum speed
  • current and maximum temperature
  • capacity

Technical data
Cells: 12-30NiXX/5-12 Lipo
Dauer Strom (A): 120
Max Strom (A): 140
Weight (g): 160
BEC: 5-8V/5A
Length (mm): 87
Type: Brushless
Wide (mm): 36
Height (mm): 27
Graupner, based in Kirchheim, Germany, was founded by the family Graupner and, up until March 2013, operated under the third Graupner generation from Stefan Graupner. In March 2013, the company was purchased by the manufacturer of Graupner HoTT RC Transmitter Systems. Graupner covers a large RC assortment including RC Cars and Trucks (GM), Helicopters, Airplanes, RC Electronics (HoTT 2,4GHZ), Chargers, RC Glow-Powered Motors (OS) as well as a large variety of Electric-Powered Brushless Motors. Graupner supplies around 2000 retailers throughout the world.

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