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Robbe Modellsport, 12.04.2023

Graupner MC32ex

Wissenswertes zur neuen Graupner MC-32ex # 33040


...wussten Sie schon?

Der Gehäuserahmen der „MC-32ex“ ist auch wie schon beim Vorgängermodell „MC-32“ aufwändig aus Aluminium gefertigt.

Dadurch ergibt sich eine hohe mechanische Festigkeit, welche sämtliche elektronischen Bauteile im Senderinneren schützt. Fehlfunktion durch Kontaktfehler, Haarrisse an Platine o.ä. wird somit wirkungsvoll vorgebeugt.

Dieser Aluminium-Gehäuserahmen ist aber auch für das einzigartige Design der MC-32ex maßgeblich und bietet neben der Optik auch im Praxiseinsatz seine Vorzüge.

Im Gegensatz zu Gehäusen komplett aus Aluminium, sind jene Bereiche, welche mit den Händen hauptsächlich in Berührung kommen aus Kunststoff.  Somit fühlen sich diese Bereiche im Sommer nicht so heiß an und im Winter nicht so kalt.

Mehr Features über die neue MC-32ex in Kürze!

Graupner MC32ex
GRAUPNER MC-32ex Transmitter HoTT 2.4GHz remote control
Product no.: 33040
Graupner mc-32 EX HoTT remote control (32-channels and 64 digital switches).The Graupner mc-32 HoTT console transmitter with its 32 channels is a high-end transmitter for true professionals and modelers who value maximum safety, stable telemetry, intuitive programming and maximum functionality. TAILOR-MADE FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTSThe huge range of hardware and software features offers an almost limitless variety. Whether it's functionality and switch assignment, the screen layout that can be customized down to the last detail, or the extensive voice output - you can adapt your transmitter to your preferences and habits. And that without programming knowledge or thick manuals. Fast, easy and intuitive! Flexibility and configurability are the hallmarks of the Graupner mc-32 EX!FULL CONTROL - FULL FUNCTIONALITYThe Graupner mc-32 EX HoTT comes without additional modules on real 32 channels in the basic equipment! This gives you limitless functionality and control for any type of model. Choose from 5 different model types such as flying models (electric, combustion or turbine powered), helicopters, multicopters, vehicles and boats. Store your different models on each of the 999 model memories. 12 phases (levels) and 16 curve mixers can be programmed globally or phase-dependent.Need more channels and running out of switches? The mc-32 EX includes an additional 64 digital switches that are assigned and controlled with a simple tap, using the widget menu. Create nearly infinite digital switch combinations to control lighting or smoke, turn cranes or water cannons, or just about anything you can think of without running out of switches. If that's not enough, you can add up to 7 more switches by simply plugging them in.The logic switches (AND, OR, EQUAL, UNEQUAL, AND max, OR max, XOR max,...) with adjustable time delay and linear or digital switching output, encoder and combination switches increase the variety of switching and control possibilities enormously. Each of these switches controls the functions you want to realize depending on its switching position or the stick position. You define how each switch should be named. BIND UP TO 4 RECEIVERS AT THE SAME TIMEBind up to four 2.4GHz receivers at the same time and define the distribution of the channels as you like. For example, one 6-channel receiver can be installed per wing and control the ailerons, airbrakes, landing gear and lights. All that is then required is to route the power supply to each wing and you are ready to go. No complicated cable routing or expensive distributor is needed! This provides simplicity coupled with all the benefits of RF redundancy.PERFECTLY MATCHED HARDWAREThe quadruple ball bearing stick units and with a Hall sensor resolution of 2400 steps (equivalent to a 0.5us servo pulse change), provide a pure feeling of control over your model. The integrated 3-step switches offer convenient switching of phases (levels), motor, autotrim or other user-definable functions. The power units can withstand bad weather conditions and are easily and comfortably accessible from the back of the transmitter to adjust them to your preferences.The transmitter can also be equipped with 4D sticks. However, one of the two 4D encoders is then connected instead of the upper roller-shaped encoder in the transmitter, which can be connected to any other free slot instead.ERGONOMIC HOUSINGYou expected a completely new design for the new mc-32 EX? The entire Graupner team unanimously decided against it without a long discussion! Because the design of our console transmitters was created in 2008 by a Swabian design office together with world champion pilots, who paid full attention to the ergonomics of the transmitter. Every switch, every control sits exactly in the perfect position to the millimeter, which was determined in numerous studies with model sport professionals. And even for long-time mc users, the new mc feels immediately familiar in the hand. The mc-32 EX is housed in a sturdy aluminum frame. The switches, buttons and displays are housed in a high-quality plastic case that retains its pleasant feel even in extreme temperatures. FULL POWER UP TO 10 HOURSThe mc-32 EX HoTT is equipped with a dual, redundant 2.4 GHz RF system. A circular patch antenna and a linear antenna provide excellent signal quality and increased range. The included 9000mAh LiPo battery allows for a long day of flying with more than 10 hours of operation! For hardcore pilots, the battery is also replaceable. So if you can do without sleep, you can get through a full day on 2 battery charges. By the way, when you change the battery, it doesn't matter how the plugs are plugged in. The mc-32 EX is protected against reverse polarity by the circuit board layout.YOUR INDIVIDUAL TOUCH DISPLAYThe large 4.3-inch TFT color touch screen provides convenient, easy and quick access to all the functions you need to set up your model perfectly for you. You have everything in view at all times! Even in direct sunlight, the display is perfectly readable. The highly optimized graphical user interface behaves like your smartphone and gives you access to all menus and functions. Fast and clear, powered by a high-performance processor.Intuitive touch and swipe controls make navigating menus quick and easy. Design your own up to 6 screens to display information important to you or generate menu accesses - all with a simple tap of the screen. Custom widget pages can be toggled using the left buttons and a freely programmed digital button or switch.The mc-32 EX HoTT includes over 100 widgets that let you customize your screens the way you want. - without programming on the PC! Fast - easy - intuitive. The menu is available in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese and Korean. EXPAND YOUR HORIZON WITH YOUR SMARTPHONENeed more data at your fingertips? A large part of our daily life is done with our smartphone. We offer you the possibility to integrate your smartphone into your RC experience. At the top edge of the aluminum frame is a metal bracket to which an optionally available smartphone mount can be attached. Once your smartphone is securely plugged in and connected via Bluetooth or USB cable, you can read out important data via the Graupner HoTT Viewer app during RC action. The smartphone is positioned on the transmitter in such a way that your gaze does not have to stray too far from the model. Due to the steep viewing angle of the cell phone, the display is easy to read even in direct sunlight. The optional cell phone holder replaces the old mini display at the top edge of our old console transmitter generations. In practice and in numerous tests with modelers, it has been shown that this small display does not offer much added value. With your smartphone you get a larger, better readable and more functional display.ENORMOUSLY EXTENSIVE VOICE OUTPUTHear what's going on! The mc-32 EX HoTT offers virtually unlimited configurable voice output options for the telemetry system and transmitter status itself. Switch positions, flight phases, warnings, vario tones, telemetry information, custom voice outputs and much more. The mc-32 EX interacts with you from the moment you turn it on, informing you of incorrect stick or switch settings for the selected model. No surprises from landing gear collapsing, motors running up, or incorrect gyro settings. The mz-32 will even alert you if you forget to extend the landing gear, are in danger of falling below range, or the battery voltage is getting dangerously low. These problems are a thing of the past! With over 600 voice files installed, you get an incredible variety of possible combinations of voice outputs. If needed, you can use a text-to-speech editor to create as many of your own files as you like and edit them to your liking.WIRELESS TEACHER/STUDENT FUNCTIONThe future of our beloved hobby belongs to the next generation. To this end, it is important to gently introduce young people and newcomers to model sports. For first RC attempts it is a good idea to support the new pilot with a second remote control to help or to be able to intervene in case of emergency. All our Graupner transmitters can be connected to each other with a teacher/student function. And completely wireless!ALWAYS UP TO DATEOf course, as an mc-32 EX user, you will be provided with the latest functions and updates. Completely free of charge! As soon as an update is available and your transmitter is connected to the WLAN, you will get an info on the transmitter display if you want to perform the new update by pressing a button. TIP: If you want to perform an update, it is advisable to ensure sufficient battery capacity or direct power supply. If your transmitter runs out of power during the update, this is not a problem. The update can be continued at the same point.QUICK HELPNeed help with programming or settings? You don't need thick manuals or hours of searching the internet! The mc-32 EX offers help directly where you need it. For each menu and each option there is a separate help text directly on the screen. Tap on the question mark and you will get the corresponding help and support. You want other help texts? The texts can easily be customized or even extended. The mc-32 EX is there for you and gives you the possibility to do what you want and like best. Connectivity that takes you further!Hardware features- 4 ball bearing aluminum sticks with hall sensors and a resolution of (12-bit) 2400 steps or 0.5us servo pulse for precise control- Adjustable mode and spring forces of the sticks by simply opening the back panel, without any screws at all- Sunlight-readable 4.3-inch TFT color touch display- 2 redundant 2.4 GHz RF modules- One circular polarized patch antenna and one transverse mounted antenna with adjustable beam angle- 9000mAh 1S3P LiHV battery for transmitter operating times of approx. 10h- USB type-C port with charging function, PC interface (e.g. for updates, flight simulators, etc.), USB joystick function, mass storage function- Headphone jack- WLAN-capable: for firmware updates- Bluetooth-capable (e.g. for Bluetooth headphones or Android HoTT Viewer smartphone app)- Wireless teacher-student function, as well as DSC jack for teacher-student operation- Custom data jack for external modules, e.g. Crossfire or ELRS module- Internal 16 GB SD card- mp3 and wav player- Loudspeaker for voice messages and telemetry announcements- User definable haptic feedback (vibration alarm)- 4 x 3-way switches, 2 x 3-way switches/buttons, 2 x 2-way switches, 4 x proportional encoder, 2 x since 33040

Product no.: 33032.2