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Robbe Modellsport, 11.08.2023, updated 18.8.2023 07:00 Uhr

Robbe Evoa 3.0


Robbe Evoa 3.0

ROBBE EVOA 3.0 - High performance glider with 4 flap wings

Versions available as ARF / PNP in electro or glider

Robbe Evoa 3.0

Our new Allrounder Star is called EVOA 3.0!

It has a very compact and transport-friendly size with its 3.0m wingspan and the two-part wing that is attached to the side of the fuselage. The power is transmitted via a large dimensioned CfK spar connector.

4 Types!

The model is available in four versions (electric and glider, each as ARF/PNP) and is largely pre-assembled in the PNP version.

Robbe Evoa 3.0

light weight - comfortable in thermals - dynamic in aerobatics

The flight characteristics are more than just good-natured, especially due to its low weight. It can be flown slowly and comfortably in thermals, but also a bit more sporty in dynamic aerobatics.

Robbe Evoa 3.0


The Ro-Power Torque X-36 motor, spinner, Aeronaut propeller and servos including wiring are pre-installed in the electric PNP version, so that the construction effort is reduced to a minimum.

The glider PNP is just as far prefabricated, but without motor, but with closed glider fuselage nose.

In the ARF version of both versions you have the option to use individual RC components at your discretion.


The EVOA is built in the latest full GRP sandwich construction and has many carbon fiber reinforcements at the neuralgic points.

The wing is a typical 4 flap wing with ailerons and flaps, which are classically cross hinged.

The aileron is stabilized and controlled by a side-mounted pendulum elevator with a bellcrank.

Robbe Evoa 3.0
Robbe Evoa 3.0

Details of the PNP version equipment

Motor: Ro-Power Torque X-36 Brushless, with 800KV, Battery: 4S 3700mAh, Prop: 12x8 Aeronaut CAM Carbon, ESC: Ro-Control 80A with SBEC, Servos: 2x FS-277 HV and 4x FS-128 HV

Robbe Evoa 3.0
Reinhard Blank Robbe Evoa 3.0
Robbe Evoa 3.0