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Robbe Modellsport RO-POWER ULTRA MAXAMP CAR 5000MAH 7,4 VOLT 2S 35(70)C LIPO AKKU T-(XT-60) plug

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Description "Robbe Modellsport RO-POWER ULTRA MAXAMP CAR 5000MAH 7,4 VOLT 2S 35(70)C LIPO AKKU T-(XT-60) plug"
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The new Robbe Ro-Power ULTRA HP and MAXAMP are selected high-performance cells with a novel chemical structure. They have a very low internal resistance and keep their voltage even under high loads. Of course, the packs are manufactured in the best workmanship and under high standards and a careful selection of the best components. This also allows us to guarantee a very high cycle stability. The discharge currents (C-rates) are deliberately kept very conservative and can therefore be removed permanently.
The relatively low weight is another advantage of the Robbe Ro-Power ULTRA series.
The ULTRA HP series is made with 25(50)C for all standard requirements in the entire RC range.
With 35(70)C, the MAXAMP series is even more resilient and is used in the high-performance range, where higher currents and voltage stability are required under load.

Note: the specified dimensions and weights correspond to the measured values from several batteries of one type. These values are naturally subject to customary production fluctuations!

In addition, most batteries are not symmetrical when measured more precisely and have different dimensions compared to the rest of the battery range due to cable outputs, for example. Likewise, the batteries are often not exactly identical in thickness/ height!

Technical data
Capacity (mAh): 5000
Voltage (V): 7,4
Weight (g): 264
Length (mm): 139
Type: LiPo
Form: 2S
Wide (mm): 46,8
Discharge current (C): 50(70)
Height (mm): 25,9
Connection: T-Plug / XT-60
Balancer plug: XH
Box contents
“ Adapter cable T-connector system to XT-60

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