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Robbe Modellsport VAYU flying wing model wooden kit in innovative plywood construction

Product number: 2695
GTIN/EAN: 9010189254690


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Description "Robbe Modellsport VAYU flying wing model wooden kit in innovative plywood construction"
The VAYU is a flying wing with a wide range of use. The VAYU is delivered as a kit. The laser-cut wooden parts will be assembled and glued with only a few steps in the plug-in box principle. Please read these instructions carefully, even if you have already built many RC models. We have given a lot of thought to detail solutions in order to keep the construction effort as simple and low as possible without neglecting the functionality. The kit is manufactured with modern CNC technology. This gives you the certainty that you will not experience any unpleasant surprises due to mismatched components when building the VAYU. Now we wish you a lot of fun building your new VAYU and especially flying it afterwards.

The assembly of the VAYU can be done quickly and easily thanks to CNC-lasered and thus accurately fitting components. With the help of these building instructions, the VAYU can be built without any problems even without a building plan, the construction is quick and can be realized even for inexperienced model builders in a few evenings. Take some time to study these building instructions carefully before you start assembling. Assembly is done on a template made of poplar plywood using the plug-in box principle. The design allows the wing, including the bottom and top planking and the end rails, to be assembled in one go. This makes wing warping almost impossible! The VAYU has transport-friendly dimensions, a Quick Connect wing lock with Easy Power ON/OFF function, an integrated hook and a ballasting option (optional ballast box # 26950002).

Recommended rc-equipment:
  • Transmitter with programmable delta mixer and dual rate
  • Micro receiver with normal range, maximum front size 25 x 9 mm
  • Sub-Micro Servos, Width 9mm, ROBBE FS 166 HV # 9123
  • Receiver battery, 2S Lipo 1000mah „SLIM“ 20x12x105mm # 9788328

Required tools:
  • Building board, e.g. blockboard 30 x 80 cm, taped with parcel tape
  • Sharp cutter knife
  • Sandpaper grit 100 and 240
  • Grinding lath, e.g. aluminum angle profile 50 x 30 mm
  • Superglue (CA-glue) „Speed“ (low and middle viscosity) # 5062 / 5063
  • Activatorspray # 5017
  • Glue holder # 50610
  • PVA glue (White glue)
  • Epoxy adhesive, e.g. UHU Endfest Plus
  • Clamps, weights for weighting
  • Masking tape
  • Soldering iron, solder
  • Hot air gun (or similar for the heat shrink tubing)
  • Key files (flat, square 3mm)
  • Pliers
  • Right Angle
  • Torx 6, Torx 10
  • Rudder deflection indicator # 50611

Required materials:
  • Film for covering, approx. 140 cm
  • Lead granules nickel plated, ball diameter 1 mm to 3 mm, approx. 100 g *
  • Rolled lead, approx. 100 g *

(* not required when using the accessories listed below)

  • 26950002 Ballast box for VAYU including ballast weights
  • 26950001 Cast trim weight for VAYU (for fuselage nose)

Technical data
Wing-span (mm): 1300
Flight weight approx. (g): 700
Control: H,Q
Manufacturer: Robbe Modellsport
Fuselage: Wood
Wings: Wood/rib construction
Rec. Battery: 2S/1000mAh LiXX
Version: KIT
Airfoil: 7,5 %
Flight Skill: Advanced
Build Skill: Advanced
Drive Type: Without
Box contents
  • Kit, all wooden parts required for construction made of precisely CNC laser-cut balsa, poplar or plywood
  • construction slipway for wing and tailplane made of poplar plywood
  • template made of poplar plywood
  • Quick Connect wing lock with Easy Power ON/OFF function
  • integrated hook
  • small material for rudder linkages
  • GFK rudder horns
  • CFK wing plug-in
  • comprehensive illustrated instructions in German, English, French

The product VAYU Nurflügel Modell Holzbausatz in from Robbe Modellsport in the category Glider Models has a wingspan of 1300 and a weight of . The model is controlled via the functions H,Q*. The Model is Holz .

* Explanation of control functions:
  • H ... Elevator
  • S ... Rudder
  • Q ... Ailerons
  • M ... Motor controlled
  • V ... Vector controlled
  • SK ... Airbrakes
  • WK ... Flaps
  • WZFW ... Retractable Landing Gear
  • SKU ... Glider Tow
  • ( ) ... optional - control functions written in brackets are optionally available for the described model

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