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Robbe Modellsport RO-POWER TORQUE 3546 760 K/V BRUSHLESS MOTOR

Product number: 5808
GTIN/EAN: 9010189154006


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Description "Robbe Modellsport RO-POWER TORQUE 3546 760 K/V BRUSHLESS MOTOR"
Calculated measured values from eCalc:
  • 3S 14x8.5 APC Electro ca.42A
  • 3S 14x7" Robbe Dynamic Electro approx. 40A
  • 3S 13x10" Aeronaut Cam Carbon approx. 39A

  • 4S 12x8" APC electric approx. 43A
  • 4S 12x7" Robbe Dynamic electric approx. 41A
  • 4S 13x8" Robbe Electro approx. 54A

Other measured values:
  • 4S 13x8" "Z" Prop Aeronaut with 38mm Z-Spinner approx. 34A

RO-Power Torque Brushless motors are lightweight, powerful external rotor motors with high torque and efficiency. They do not require a gearbox and are suitable for a wide range of applications. All components are manufactured on modern CNC machines from high-quality materials. Precise ball bearings increase the service life and minimize vibrations. We recommend the operation of RO-Power Torque motors with ROBBE Ro-Control speed controllers.

  • The accessory set must be ordered separately (not included in the scope of delivery)!


RO-Power Torque-Anleitung-Manual-Manuel_DE-EN-FR_V9

Technical data
Housing-Ø (mm): 35
Housing length (mm): 46
LiPo (S): 3-4
Shaft-Ø (mm): 5
Propeller: 3S/14x8, 14x7, 13x10, 4S/ 12x8, 12x7,
Weight (g): 177
Examples of use: Segler bis 3m / Monsun
RPM/V: 760
Engine-type: External rotor
recom. Controller: RO-CONTROL6-60 2-6S -60(80)A 5V/5A BEC
Stromaufnahme max. (A): 43
Weight category (g): 100 to 250

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