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ISDT P10 Dual Smart Charger 1-6A 250W (x2) 10A (2x) 400W/16A parallel charger


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Product number: P10
Description "ISDT P10 Dual Smart Charger 1-6A 250W (x2) 10A (2x) 400W/16A parallel charger"
- NiCd/NiMH batteries: 1-16 cells
- Input voltage: 10-30V DC
- Max. charging current: 10A
- Input current: 20A
- lead batteries: 24V
- Charging capacity Max: 250W
- Power: 2x 250W
- Charging power Max Syncron: 400W
- LiHv cells: up to 6
- LiPo cells: up to 6
- length (mm): 90,5mm
- Integrated power supply unit: No
- Connector type Charging output: XT60i
- Balancer plug-in system: XH

Technical data
Auswahl-Kategorie: Ladegeräte 12V
Charge current (A): 0,2-10
Chargers category: DC 12-50V
Charging current category: Up to 10A
Input Voltage (V): 10-30
Power (W): 250 x2
Rechargeable batterie-types: LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd/Pb
Rechargeable cell count: 1-6 Lixx, 1-6 LiHV, 1-16 Nixx, 1-10 Pb
Box contents
- P10 charger
- Manual engl.

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