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Product number: 6472
EAN-Code: 4013389572361
Description "GRAUPNER CHARGER U150 LI, PB, NI"
Graupner Charger U150 150W 10A 1-6s Colour Display Multifunction Micro Pocket Charger and Diagnostic Tool Kit
The U150 is the world's smallest 150W colour display charger! With a 150W and 10A charger at its heart, the U150 also features a servo tester, cell tester, wattmeter, PWM / PPM / SBUS input tester and output generators, as well as variable DC voltage and current control.

  • Battery charger
  • cell tester
  • Servo Tester
  • PWM,PPM.SBUS input / output and receiver tester
  • Power supply function / Volt direct current supply (Required external direct current input)

  • Adjustable switch-off voltage of the lithium battery (constant current / constant voltage function)
  • Measure battery voltage, internal resistance and balance
  • Measure the PWM / PPM / SBUS signal values
  • Output signal PWM / PPM / SBUS
  • Adjustable 1-28V constant voltage, 1-10A constant current
  • Charge, activate and charge the model building or UAV battery.
  • Multilingual German, English, French, Italian
  • USB [email protected] ? for mobile devices
  • Firmware upgrade via mass storage function (slave device)

  • Input voltage: 7.0-28V @MAX 12A
  • Battery type: LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion @ 1-6S NiMh @ 1-16S Pb @ 1-10S
  • Charging capacity: 150W @MAX 10A @24V DC
  • approx. 80W @12V DC input and output voltage >16V DC
  • Discharge Power: 150W @MAX 10A Recycling Mode 8W @ 2A Normal Mode (Power Supply Operation)
  • USB: 2.1A @ 5.0V or Upgrade
  • Dimensions: 68 * 49 * 26 mm
  • Weight: 80 g
  • LCD: 1.8 inch TFT RGB, 160 * 128 pixels

  • PWM: 880 to 2200 us at 20 to 400 Hz
  • PPM: 880 to 2200us * 8CH @ 20-50Hz
  • SBUS: 880 to 2200us * 16CH @ 20-100Hz
  • Voltage: 1.0-5.0V @ 1-6S
  • IR: 10-99 mR @ 1-6S

  • PWM: 500 to 2500 us at 20-1000 Hz
  • PPM: 880 to 2200us * 8CH @ 50Hz
  • SBUS: 880 to 2200us * 16CH @ 74Hz
  • Power: 1-10A @ 1-28V Mode: CC + CV

Packaging information:
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Size: 80 * 80 * 35mm
  • Included in the set:
  • Charger Graupner U150
  • USB cable (for update function)
  • XT-60 cable with crocodile clips
  • short instruction german, english
  • Input cable XT-60 for power supply

Technical data
Auswahl-Kategorie: Ladegeräte 12V
Charge current (A): 10
Chargers category: DC 12-50V
Charging current category: Up to 10A
Discharge current (A): 2
Discharge current category: up to 5A
Input Voltage (V): 7-28
Power (W): 150
Rechargeable batterie-types: LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd/Pb
Rechargeable cell count: 1-6 Lixx, 1-16 Nixx, 1-10 Pb
Box contents
- Charger Graupner U150
- USB cable (for update function)
- XT-60 cable with crocodile clips
- short instruction german, english

Graupner, based in Kirchheim, Germany, was founded by the family Graupner and, up until March 2013, operated under the third Graupner generation from Stefan Graupner. In March 2013, the company was purchased by the manufacturer of Graupner HoTT RC Transmitter Systems. Graupner covers a large RC assortment including RC Cars and Trucks (GM), Helicopters, Airplanes, RC Electronics (HoTT 2,4GHZ), Chargers, RC Glow-Powered Motors (OS) as well as a large variety of Electric-Powered Brushless Motors. Graupner supplies around 2000 retailers throughout the world.

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