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Produktnummer: A412-R/S
EAN-Code: 9010189221111
Beschreibung "EXTREMEFLIGHT-RC EXTRA NG 104" Rot/Silber ARF"
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Extreme Flight 104" EXTRA NG
The latest effort from the design team of Walter Extra and Mirco Pecorari, the Extra NG is a stunning take on the modern aerobatic machine. Extreme Flight obtained official licensing to reproduce this gorgeous aircraft for the modeling community. Our design team did its best to retain the sleek lines, racy appearance and cosmetic details of the full scale NG will gently pulling and stretching the outline to make it an amazing flying model aircraft. Team Extreme pilot Jase Dussia describes the NG as possessing the best elements of the EF Laser and Slick 580, two aircraft that reside at the pinnacle of modern RC aerobatic flight. As such, the Extreme Flight Extra NG is a completely unlimited high performance airframe capable of dominating at the highest levels of invitational aerobatic competition.

Loaded with our latest tech, the NG is a study in state of the art RC aircraft design with the use of advanced space age composite laminates that Extreme Flight pioneered over a decade ago and has continued to refine with each new release. The NG airframe is among the lightest weight and highest strength of anything currently available. It features our quick mount wing, stab and canopy attachment system and removable rudder, allowing the NG to be assembled and disassembled at the flying field in record time and transported in a modest sized vehicle. The Extra NG features 2 gorgeous color schemes, one is the red/silver scheme from the full scale NG, the second a high visibility blue/white/cub yellow/silver scheme, both rendered in standard Ultracote fashion. G10 composite control horns, titanium turnbuckles and genuine Dubro ball links are featured in the competition level hardware package along with carbon fiber wing and stab tubes, landing gear and tailwheel assembly.

The Extra NG is the first new release that features a video assembly manual. In this three part series, Jase and John Dussia assemble and setup the brand new EXTREME FLIGHT 35% EXTRA NG and share the methods they use in preparing a contest winning aircraft. Also included is a tour of their EXTREME FLIGHT 104 inch LASER EXP, the very aircraft that Jase flew to victory in the 2019 XFC V2, Clover Creek Invitational and Tucson Shootout. This title is the first in a series of video assembly manuals that allow us to delve deeper into the assembly process and provide more details and useful information for our valued customers over the traditional printed paper manual. It is our hope that the video format will provide a more effective means for the end user to realize the full potential of their model. We’ve included a table of contents that will allow the assembler to quickly locate specific assembly steps as needed.

Technische Daten
Spannweite (mm): 2642
Fluggewicht ca. (g): ca. 13000
Leergewicht ca. (g): -
Steuerung: H,S,Q,M
Hersteller: Extreme Flight
Länge (mm): 2616
Rumpf: Holz
Flächen: Holz/Rippenbauweise
empf.Motor: 120ccm
empf.Akku: -
Profil: -
Flugerfahrung: Profi
Bauerfahrung: Profi
Antriebsart: Verbrenner
  • ARF Modell
  • engl. Anleitung


Modelle von "Extremeflight-RC" sind bekannt für hervorragende Qualität und ausgezeichnete Performance. Die Modelle sind überwiegend in klassischer Holzbauweise gefertigt und werden mit dem wichtigsten sowie sehr hochwertigen Zubehör ausgeliefert (viele Modelle zumeist jedoch ohne Dekorsatz). Unzählige Piloten auf der ganzen Welt vertrauen auf Extremeflight Modelle. Eine umfangreiche, bebilderte Bauanleitung in englischer Sprache ermöglicht rasche Endmontage.

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1.649,99 €*